„Model Earth House Kit for Schools“

Tools that support Sustainability Education


Author for concept:

Sven Aluste, Social Enterprise Equilibre NGO


Authors of the Curriculum and exercises:

Sven Aluste, Equilibre NGO;

Mihkel Kangur, Tallinn University, Institute of Ecology;

Rea Raus, Tallinn University, Institute of Ecology;

Educational Centre of Sustainable Development.


Educational Kit was developed with support

by the  Environmental Board of Estonia

and European Social Fund.


Purpose for the Model Earth House Kit

The Kit is compiled as follows:

  • Pre-cut pieces for the wooden post and beam house (75% made from reused pallets)
  • Electrical  elements based on a renewable energy system;
  • Measuring equipment for electricity and temperature;
  • Construction materials – cordwood, sand, clay (all parts collected directly from nature)
  • Curriculum (available only by file, no printouts have been made)

The Kit represents ancient construction techniques – cob building and cordwood construction. Building with Cob (mixing clay, sand and straw) is a more than 10 000 years old technique for constructing a dwelling. The Cordwood technique has a 1000-year history and adds pieces of „firewood“ to the wall to make the structure quicker to construct in process and uses less cob mix. Applying these materials and techniques one can achieve a very good inner climate in the house along with an aesthetic and unique appearance.

Constructing from natural materials means we have a lower building expense while maintaining a low carbon footprint of materials and way of building that is important for preservation of nature.

One aim of the modelling kit is to present renewable energy systems. There are simple electrical connections to switch the lamp on in the house and that measure current through the circuits. This enables hands-on experience and better understanding of renewable systems.

The second aim is to connect the field of technical engineering to general studies and with cross-functional study themes.

The Model Earth House Kit allows the creation of different exercises to interconnect topics from among multiple subject areas in national curriculum that otherwise would remain omitted.


For more information please cntact us directly – sven at equilibre dot ee.